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Commercial Property Solutions

Property Management companies and Property Managers of commercial properties can maintain and manage their properties methodically and at the same time provide several services to owners/occupants at the tap of their fingers. With Lockated’s Commercial Property Solutions, right from receiving and resolving occupants’ requests, to live tracking of these requests, to overseeing AMCs, to providing secure properties to owners/occupants, Commercial Property Solutions covers an expansive sets of tasks that simplify the lives of Property Managers but also enrich the lives of owners/occupants.

Why Lockated?

Provide Secure properties

Build a Smart business Community through seamless communication

Manage Assets & Inventories efficiently

Provides Help Desk Management Systemfor grievance & redressal management

Run Preventive Maintenance Management Regularly

Create, View & Supervise AMCs

Unique Functionalities

Facility Booking

  • Allows residents to book facilities through the app
  • 2 types of facilities – Bookable in real-time & requestable
  • Requestable facilities are approved by Club admin based on availability

Facility Scheduling

  • Society Management can create schedules & concurrent slots for facilities
  • This is done based on operational hours & number of facilities offered

Multiple Payment Options

  • Society Management can configure payment options as per requirement
  • Payment modes include prepaid, post-paid & pay at facility
  • Residents can view & avail payment modes enabled by the admin

Automated Billing & Payment

  • Allows postpaid payment linking with customer billing
  • Residents can view invoice & pay online for facility charges within the app
  • Residents also receive payment receipts in the app itself

Right Based Access Control

  • Enables controlled access to users
  • Allows access to authorized personnel only as per roles assigned

Social Playing

  • Allows sending invitations to co-residents with common interests to play games
  • After resident books a facility, he can publish invitation within closed community to individual friends through phone contact book

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