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Upgrade Your Property Management Processes
Manage Assets & Inventories More Productively

Real Estate Project Management System

Lockated’s Project Management System module is aimed at digitalizing, managing and analyzing every aspect of your Property Management functions in order to run your project effortlessly, increasing your Project Management’s productivity. Functions like carrying out Preventive Maintenance Management, creating AMCs towards vendors, efficient energy management and asset management all within a single mobile app will help your Project Management team to have access to every information pertaining to a particular project and track progress of each function on-the-go.

Functionalities of PMS


Global Level Setup

    • The admin configures the real estate company with country, region, etc.
    • Then Assets & Inventories are keyed-in. E.g. Building, wing, area, floor, etc.

Digitalize Assets & Inventory Documents

    • Admin uploads digital copies of manual, warranty, catalogue, etc. related to assets
    • Enters asset details manually or uploads in bulk using import feature

Grouping of relevant Assets for easy categorization

    • Admin can create Groups & Sub-groups of the assets
    • Admin associates these groups to relevant individuals for easy categorization
    • Creates Pay Orders, GRN & GDN

Preventive Maintenance Management (PMM)

    • Create daily, bi-weekly & monthly MIS reports
    • These reports are analyzed by Project Manager & takes action accordingly

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

    • Project Manager creates annual maintenance contracts for assets to respective vendors
    • Vendor receives email notification & reminder emails before AMC is scheduled by the Project Manager
    • Project Manager can view & manage the AMCs & ensure everything is running smoothly

Good Received/Dispatched Note Creation

    • PMS module enables the creation of notes against goods received or dispatched

Efficient Energy Management

    • Enables mapping of main & sub-meters
    • Allows weekly, monthly & yearly Trend Analysis and also Comparison Analysis
    • Shoots up an escalation when consumption is beyond the defined budget

Efficient Asset Management

    • Permits Project Manager to create site-wise equipment groups and sub-groups
    • Allows maintenance schedules for Preventive Maintenance, Total Preventive Maintenance & Annual Maintenance Contracts
    • Issues work permits for work
    • Tracks history on assets & equipment

Centralized Inventory Management

    • Manage inventory through saleable or consumable assets
    • Create & maintain Purchase Indents & Material Receipt Notes (MRN)
    • Analyze Budget Vs Actual Inventory consumption
    • Manage item warrantees & Replacements
    • Raises escalation manually or automatically for minimum & critical stock inventory

Task & Resource Management

    • Maintain mobile app based engineering log book
    • View data & entry according to employee shifts
    • Manage critical equipment & their status efficiently per shift
    • Raise escalation either manually or automatically through pre-defined parameters via email & mobile

Analytical Reporting

    • Provides advanced data analytics tools for each report
    • Includes graphical & tabular reports
    • Enables you to export reports to MS Excel, PDF, CSV, etc. and use copy, paste & print option
    • Displays multiple reports view on single webpage
    • Manage manpower and vendor performance, monthly management reports
    • Provides multi-level & multi-site reporting structure

Lockated’s Project Management System module will not only aid you in managing your assets but also your project’s energy consumption and inventory, efficiently. Hence, introduce this model in your Lockated ecosystem and see how your Project Management performance strengthens.

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