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Channel Partner Management

Lockated’s CP Management module has a potential to boost sales and amplify your ROI. Lockated’s solution is an easy integration and monitoring of CP Management to achieve maximum results possible. It enhances sales productivity, helps your channel partners to manage leads at various stages and also track their performances in closing the deals. Your Channel Partners can efficiently manage potential leads, schedule site-visits and capture data essential to convert a lead into sales.

Lockated’s CP Management solution Edge

Seamless integration and monitoring of leads

Manage Channel Partners’ performance efficiently in closing sales

Capture customer at the right place & at the right time through key reporting system

Improve Sales ROI

Boost Sales Productivity

Grow More. Sell More.

Unique Functionalities

Site Management

  • Allows residents to raise their grievances through the app
  • Assists Society management to address and resolve residents’ grievances through an easy process
  • Carry out on-site registration
  • Integrate CRM
  • Stage leads across various stages
  • schedule site-visits as per the slots availability
  • Manage Crowd or single customer through systematic assignment of sales person to customers
  • Management System

Channel Partner Management

  • Allow your Channel Partner to schedule site visits
  • Show your digital brochures, AR/VR videos to your client
  • Give a unified sales experience and information
  • Sync your inventory to enable real-time booking and blocking to discourage double selling.

Inventory Management

  • Create inventory as per your project plan
  • Manage inventory  as per the availability of the units
  • Make inventory available based on your choice, restrict rights on view
  • Receive inventory report
  • Share access with CP as per your choice
  • Configure Payment Plans chosen by customers
  • Ensure  CPs are on sync with your inventory

Inventory Management

  • Generate specific and customizable reports with real-time data
  • Carry out on-the-go lead management functions through mobile app, SMS & Email Alerts on various lead actions
  • Generated multiple reports for Channel Partners sales strategy
  • Curate sea of data received  like   lead reports, cloud telephony reports, campaign reports, site visit and sales reports
  • Capture the customer at the right place and at right time with key reporting system

With Lockated’s CP Management Module within your system, streamline sales processes with your channel partners, help them manage their leads and track their performance all at your fingertips.

Enrich your project offerings by integrating a host of other modules crafted by Lockated.

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