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Lockated’s d CRM solution manages your leads constructively and ensure you never miss a lead by analyzing every stage of a lead journey. A host of functionalities elevates your sales-productivity and, your lead-to-sales ratio. Organize your leads through different sources like social media campaigns, walk-in visits and UTMs, etc.

Lockated’s CRM Edge

Define stages of leads in a streamlined process

Capture leads through different sources

Automate & standardize Lead-to-Deal journey

Get Quality leads with planned and execute in an organized and effective campaign management

Scale your operations instantly without bearing the cost of the infrastructure of a Call Center

Improve sales ROI

Unique Functionalities

LEAD Management

  • Leads can be captured in various forms like manually, walk-in site visits, auto-capture through digital marketing campaigns, call centers or through bulk import
  • Validation of leads is done through email id, phone number, project, etc.
  • Integration of lead-listing, task assigning, cloud telephony, events & EOI
  • Define stage of leads – e.g. Site visit schedule, Sample flat visit, AR/VR demo, etc.

Campaign Management

  • Create Marketing Campaigns & Generate UTM's
  • Create Landing Pages Form.
  • Trigger Notification on Lead events
  • Set rules to trigger alerts on Leads
  • Give your campaign an instant start with Real Time Analytics Reports on how is your campaign performing.

Cloud Telephony

  • A single number as a point of contact
  • Determines where the call comes from
  • Allows to make/receive calls from smartphone through desk phone
  • Link your CRM to get all interactions with your Leads in a single place along with Call recordings and click to call

Integrate Lockated’s CRM Module in your sales process and see how your lead management upgrades, ensuing an influx of new customers.

Enrich your project offerings by integrating a host of other modules crafted by Lockated.

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