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Lockated’s Fit-out Management Module empowers your Project Management/Facility Management to generate flat-wise and category-wise amount allocation while configuring the various stages of fit-out request. It enables your team to approve or decline fit-out requests on-the-go. With the Fit-out Management module, you can ensure the efficient management of fit-out payments by placing fit-out payment requests to your customers and even provide fit-out refunds. And that is not all. You can audit the complete set of fit-out payments made to the company as all of them can be viewed and managed at one place.You even have an option to upload the supporting fit-out documents to ease out the process.  While you establish this flawless fit-out process, you also ensure your customers experience an unforgettable move-in day.

Lockated’s Fit-out Management Edge

Generate category wise and flat-type wise amount allocation

Configure the various stages of fit-out requests

Approve the various stages of fit-our requests

Place fit-out requests to the customers

Manage fit-out payments and provide refunds

Audit the fit-out payments with the power to view and manage them all at once place

Unique Functionalities


  • Admin configures fit-out or move-in categories in the system
  • Admin also sets the various stages of the fit-out requests
  • He shares the fit-out guide in which all related documents are to be uploaded by the customer
  • A request list is visible to the admin which contains a brief overview of the request

User Engagement

  • Customers can place Fit-out & Move-in request from the app itself
  • They can also make payments for their requests online through various payment options available
  • The Fit-out module enables project managers to view all the payments related to fit-outs in a single place on the Lockated platform
  • Customers can request Fit-out refundable amount from the app
  • They can also upload scanned documents separately through the URL provided to them in their email
  • System allows to trigger an email to the user & admin upon new request
  • Customers can choose the start and end date of the project while creating a request

Email & Notifications

  • Every time a user or the admin takes action on the fit-out platform, the other party receives email triggers & notifications
  • These emails & notifications are preset. E.g. When a fit-out request is created, when documents are uploaded by the user, and comments inserted by users

Lockated’s Fit-out& Move-in module is introduced to the customers in the Post Sales, Possession and Handover phase, thus giving them the opportunity to place requests for fit-outs right after they buy your property. Finally when it’s move-in day, you provide your customers with a house-to-home experience and make their move-in day memorable. This experience will be etched in their minds for years to come.


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