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Home Automation Solutions

With Lockated’s Home Automation solutions, we understand and embrace the rising technological advancements that have led to a non-compromising demand by home buyers for a superior lifestyle that includes Internet of Things (IoT).With an empaneled array of vendors brought together to enliven every man’s idea of a perfect Smart Home, be it ethnic or ultra-modern, you can deliver each one of your customers their ideal Smart Homes. And they will thank you for the added conveniences and increased comforts, along with the savings they will make through Smart scheduling and optimization of their home devices through the Lockated app. While your customers enjoy the convenience of choosing products and solutions within the app and save time, you will enjoy the extra income earned through this value added service.

Lockated’s Home Automation Solution Edge

Deliver not just a house, but a fully equipped Smart Home

Cater to evolving lifestyle need of Smart Living

Offer customizable Home Automation solutions

Provide remote monitoring & management of home devices

Enable scheduling & optimization of devices to save electricity

Reap added revenue stream

Functionalities of Home Automation Solutions

  • Automate your home through your empaneled vendors and deliver not only a SMART community, but also a SMART Home.
  • Offer home buyers the chance to equip their new homes with customized home automation solutions based on their specific needs. They can choose from a list of brands, types of gadgets, etc. as per their requirement.
  • Allow customers to control automation gadgets anytime, anywhere through Lockated’s community app
  • Provide home automation solutions to ANY type of property, be it a new flat or ancestral home.
  • Save money and recover the amount invested in automating the home using scheduling. Hassle-free installation with no-wiring.
  • User-friendly solutions with multiple features like getting alerts, energy monitoring, scene and schedules.
  • Home owners can remotely control their homes with a tap of their fingers through Lockated app

Enrich your project offerings by integrating a host of other modules crafted by Lockated.

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