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Integrated Accounting

Being in the real estate business, you understand the importance of having a unified platform that merges accounting and payment functions across various verticals, teams and phases involved in your project. Right from collecting token amount to generating receipts and invoices for services availed by your customer through pre-sales, post-sales, possession and handover, Lockated’s Integrated Accounting System comes into play to keep your accounting and finance department running smoothly. 24*7 access given to specific group of teams ensures the respective team is aware of every transaction that occurs within the Lockated’s ecosystem. Carefully plannedintricate software at the back-end will allow you and your accounting team to simplify your accounting processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Lockated’s Integrated Accounting Edge

Provides End-to-End Accounting

Includes Tally-like functioning

Integrates accounts & payments across Lockated’s ecosystem

24*7 access of every transaction through mobile app

Unique Functionalities

  • Has a comprehensive accounting functionality similar to Tally
  • Comprises Account Ledgers, Income & Expense Tracker, Maintenance & CAM Billing/Receipt, Profit & Loss (P&L), Balance Sheet, etc.
  • Amalgamates Accounts & Payments which enables Managers across various verticals and phases (Eg. Sales, project, facility managers, etc.) to have complete control over transactions occurring across Lockated’s ecosystem
  • Allows methodical management of accounting and other transactions at your convenience
  • Integrated accounting package with 24*7 access of each and every transaction
  • configured systematically
  • Eases lives of the Billing and Accounting Department as every billing and transaction is recorded and maintained efficiently

With Lockated’s Integrated Accounting Module, rest assured that all your bills, payments, transactions and invoices are generated and managed coherently, and thus, reducing your costs and increasing your team’s productivity.

Who will benefit from Lockated’s Integrated Accounting module? (Stakeholders)

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Society and Residential Associations
  • Property Managers
  • Facility Managers

Enrich your project offerings by integrating a host of other modules crafted by Lockated.

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