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Possession Phase

Lockated’s Possession Phase is equipped with various modules designed to enable a smooth handover of a house to your customers. As a real estate developer, it allows you to meticulously address every tiny detail of the handover process and gives you an opportunity to not only delight your customers with value addition services but also add in to your revenue streams, making your business grow further. The benefit you will reap from Lockated’s Possession Phase is more about how you make your customer feel once they get the possession of their house. Your value addition services and eye for detail to smoothen the process of handover will make a lasting impression on your customers.

The Lockated Possession Phase Edge

Through Lockated’s Possession Phase, be the tech-savvy developer who caters to tech-savvy customers and make their home-buying experience a memorable one.

Make Smart Home A Reality

Provide Value Added Services like Home Automation & Interior Solutions

Build A Safe Haven Through Smart Secure Systems

Manage Your Assets & Inventories Digitally

Implement Lockated’s Possession Phase in your system and provide a glitch-free experience to your new residents ,make their dream homes come true to life!

Unique Modules under Lockated’s Possession Phase

Building Management System

  • Manage your customers with absolute ease
  • Ensure smooth communication by sending notices, circulars, event invites, etc.

Helpdesk & Communication

  • Build trust & confidence between you & your customers
  • Make your customers experience the power of mobile-living
  • Efficiently manage queries, grievances with quick response & regular communication


  • Deliver your customers a home tight with security
  • Delight new-age customers with Smart security solutions
  • Provide a suite of security function like visitor management, staff management, etc.

Parking Management

  • Promptly manage parking allotments to residents & visitors
  • Real-time view of vacant parking lots to security personnel

Home Automation

  • Provide a SMART Home – a great value-addition
  • Allows customers to customize their home automation process
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Added revenue stream for you

Integrated Accounting

  • Efficiently manage accounting & transactions at the tip of your fingers
  • Seamlessly manage customer’s payment schedules
  • 24*7 access to every transaction keyed in organized pattern
  • Link & integrate sales conversion to your financial tools & 3rd party back-end ERPs

Project Management System

  • Manage your assets, inventories, vendors 24*7
  • Create & view digitalized inventory documents
  • Manage AMC through vendors

Fit-out & Move-in Management

  • Make move-in day memorable
  • Give real-time access of fit-out & accessibility on the go
  • Configure various stages of fit-out requests

If you want to smoothen your possession process and create a delightful customer experience for your new residents, then adopt Lockated’s Possession phase in your system and you will see for yourself how much of a positive difference it makes in your business!

To further enhance your real estate business, also integrate the Handover phase of the system that allows you to capitalize on community management and loyalty.

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