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Pre-sales Phase

A real estate developer leaves no stone unturned in their marketing and sales efforts to convert potential leads into customers. Many things prove to be beneficial in lead-to-sale conversion like getting real-time insights on marketing activities to receive optimal ROI on projects. If not tracked efficiently then it may get sucked into a black hole. Lockated’s Pre-sales solution simplifiesthe sales journey for real estate companies to make the most out of it to generate leads, track their marketing campaigns in real-time and maximize their conversions.

The Lockated Pre-sales Edge

Once Lockated’s Pre-sales phase is implemented, a real estate company will not only be empowered to maximize their marketing efforts and track lead journey but also generate more sales opportunities and convert them more efficiently.

Track Potential Leads

Track & Manage Sales Team Performance

Track Marketing Spends Translate into Leads & Sales

Deliver High Sales Productivity

Receive Quality Leads Through Planned Campaigns

And to top it all, through Lockated, you can offer value added services like Home Interior Solutions and Home Automation Solutions to your customers at the tap of their fingers, which adds the necessary ingredient to the entire customer buying cycle – an unforgettable customer experience that will delight customers and compel them to make a purchase, and become your loyal customers.

The Modules of Lockated’s Pre-sales Phase

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

Lockated’s CRM Solution is carefully designed to help our real estate clients boost their bottom-line and is armed with Lead Management, Campaign Management and Cloud Telephony. It captures all leads and interactions with leads at various stages of customer's pre-sales journey and thus, manages pre-sales stage effectively.

Core Functionalities of Lockated’s CRM Solution
  • Capture leads from multiple sources (eg. web-forms, classifieds, social platforms, channel partners, call centers, etc.)
  • Build & run campaigns
  • Track performance across channels & sources
  • Take quick decisions through real-time data analysis
  • Optimise& re-strategise campaigns on-the-go based on performance
  • Scale-up or scale-down your call centre operations instantly
  • Save on fixed cost of a dedicated call centre& infrastructure

Lead Management – Capture leads from different Sources & Subsources such as Webforms, Marketing Campaigns, Property Portals, Channel Partners, Media Channels etc. Campaign Management. Deliver high sales productivity with lead management flexibility in integrating with existing platform seamless configuration

Cloud Telephony - Scale your operations immediately with, without bearing the cost of the infrastructure of a Call Center and also link the same to your CRM to get all interactions with your Leads in a single place along with Call recordings and click to call. Configure the whole IVR flow In few simple steps, and get one point of contact to asses the inbound and outbound calls

Sales Management Solution

After implementing Lockated’s CRM solution in the system, it is now time to integrate Sales Management Solution into the CRM to improve lead-to-conversion ratio and also to receive insightful intelligence on the performance of on-ground sales team. Seamlessly incorporate Site Management, Channel Partner & Team Management, and Inventory Management for a highly result-oriented business.

Core Functionalities of Lockated’s Sales Management Solution
  • Track leads that visit site
  • Maintain & monitor digital logs that contain actions of potential leads
  • Auto-assign lead to sales-person
  • Define site-staging process
  • Enable sales team & channel partners to schedule site visits &manage appointments
  • Showcase your digital brochures, AR/ VR Videos to your client
  • Sync your inventory to enable real-time booking & blocking to prevent double selling
  • Get real-time reports and analysis to further help you in selling

Sales Management Solution

Site Management – Manage your site visit of your customer smoothly from On Site Registration to CRM Integration, Staging of Customer across various Stages at time of site visit ,manage Round Robin and and  Crowd Management or a  Single Customer Manageemnt with  site management solutions

Sales & Channel Partner Management –   Effective process of sales mangement with site visits scheduled and tracking of customer journey ,track your  sales drop .Seamless integration and  monitoring of sales process , Auto Assign Lead to a Sales Person, Define Site Staging ProcessTracking of sales with easier and smarter way of manageing  .Track the number of visits of the leads on the site digital forms are filled on the tablets,

Inventory Management  – Create Inventory as per your project plan, Block inventory, you dont want to show.Make available based on your choice, restrict right on who can view and block how many units, get inventory block aging report, share acess with Global sales team & CP as per your choice, Configure Payment Plans, Provide your sales team with all the information they need to give their best, and ensure that your global sales channels are on same page with your inventory as your local

The best part about Lockated’s Sales Management Solution is that you can not only integrate it with Lockated’s CRM solution but with any other CRM tool your sales team uses.

Explore the vast offerings of the Lockated eco-system and see how real estate business can grow beyond your imagination!

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