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Real Estate Post Sales Management System

Converting a prospective lead into a customer is nothing less than a moment of celebration for a real estate company.

Lockated’s post sales Phase solutions brings your customers to live in the smart universe as they start getting connected with a combination of modules  in the app. Delight your customers through an effortless flow of communication. Send payment schedule notifications, demand notes, construction updates, schedule site-visits, etc., all through a single platform.

The Lockated Post-sales Edge

Lockated’s Post-sales Phase aims at setting up a standardized, simple process in one place and give customers an unmatched unified experience through a single app.

With all these advantages, our Post-sales Phase acts as lifelong engagement and relationship building tool that will add value to a real estate company’s offerings and make customer delight their strength.

Functionalities of Lockated’s Post-sales Module

CRM Solution

    • Manage customer related conversations on a single platform
    • Send construction updates, demand notes, notices, etc.

Referral Marketing

    • Give your customers a chance to refer their friends & family to buy your properties
    • If their reference converts into a sale, both your customer & the person recommended avail special perks


    • Link and integrate your sales conversion to your financial tools and third party back-end ERPs
    • Swiftly manage your accounting process& payment schedules
    • Raise customer bills, payment reminders, send demand notes, etc.


    • Manage & maintain quality of your project
    • Create digital checklists & identify issues in case of deviation from quality
    • Escalate to issue-management team & achieve a quick fix

Construction Monitoring

    • Define macro & micro level activities as your project milestones
    • Define the Nomenclature for each trigger which will be pulled and used to generate a demand note
    • Provide a milestone-based customer-wise grid on the schedule of the Demand Note with amount for that particular milestone

Loyalty Management

    • Encourage your customer to use the Lockated app & reward them with loyalty points
    • This facilitates ongoing customer engagement & long-term association

Home Automation

    • Provide a SMART Home – a great value addition
    • Allows customers to customize their home automation process
    • Hassle-free installation
    • Added revenue stream for you

Interior Management

    • Provide House-2-Home experience
    • Save customer’s time and money
    • DIY & customized interiors at home-owner’s finger tips
    • Added revenue stream for you

Construction Updates

    • Update customers on construction progress through text, images & docs
    • Build trust & transparency

Fit-out & Move-in Management

    • Make move-in day memorable
    • Give real-time access of fit-out & accessibility on the go
    • Configure various stages of fit-out requests


    • Provides real-time reports through dynamic reporting system
    • Gives business intelligence to enable quicker decision-making

Integrate Lockated’s Post-sales module in your system to smoothen and streamline communication, make your development more efficient while getting your customers to be loyal to you for life!

Explore how integrating Lockated’s Poession Module will help you further enhance customer relationships and drive quick growth for your business.

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