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Residential Property Solutions

With Lockated’s Residential Property Solutions, Property Management companies and Property Managers of residential complexes can maintain and manage their properties systematically and at the same time provide multiple amenities to residents at the tap of their fingers. Right from digitalizing documents, to supervising AMCs, to providing Smart and Secure homes to residents, to building a community, Residential Property Solutions covers a vast array of functions that will not only be beneficial to Property Managers but also enhance the lives of residents, giving them a superior lifestyle experience.

Why Lockated?


Build a Smart Community through seamless communication

Digitalize Documents for Assets & Inventories

Provides Help Desk Management System for grievance & redressal management

Run Preventive Maintenance Management Regularly

Create, View & Supervise AMCs

Equip your Project Manager with Efficient Energy Management Tool

Benefit from Analytical Reports on Vendor Performance, Site Reporting, etc.

Redefine Customer Experience

Unique Functionalities

HelpDesk Management System

  • Allows residents to raise their grievances through the app
  • Assists Society management to address and resolve residents’ grievances through an easy process
  • Society Management can configure customized category, sub-category and status; and assign priorities to HelpDesk Tickets
  • Escalation matrix runs in tandem with levels & priorities
  • Auto & Manual HelpDesk Ticket assigning options to Staff
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) complaint system
  • Effective Root Cause Analysis
  • Ability to bifurcate tickets related to Project and Facility Management
  • Vendor configuration and assignment of relevant tickets to the vendor from within HelpDesk Management System


  • Society Management can create and send Notice / Circular and Events to residents
  • Can also send Invitations to the target group by using ready to use group filters like Owner, Tenant, Occupancy, etc.
  • List Upcoming & Past Events separately
  • Receive real-time count of response from the invited person
  • Option to generate Likes for the Events
  • Conduct quick Polls and get to know the results real-time

Visitor Management

  • Residents schedule visitors in advance and the security guard at the gate authorizes the visitors through OTP verification
  • Whenever an unexpected visitor arrives, residents receive notification or IVR call on mobile phone to approve or reject the same
  • A real-time photograph of the visitor is also sent to the residents by the security guard
  • Also, guard creates Gate Pass for the goods moving In and Out of the complex

Staff Management

  • Receive notifications every time staff enters or exits the complex
  • Allows security guard to Block red flagged staff to prevent them from working for any other flat within the complex

Parking Management

  • Easy configuration of parking lots to flat owners
  • Assignment of parking lots to visitors based on real-time view of vacant lots

Document Repository

  • Permits Society Management to upload unit-wise & general documents
  • Can create folders and store digital copies of all documents related to the flat such as agreement, warranty cards, etc.
  • Also, create common repository of documents for residents ready reference

Integrated Accounting

  • End-to-end accounting with functioning similar to Tally
  • Includes Account Ledgers, Income & Expense Tracker, Maintenance & CAM Billing / Receipt, P & L, Balance Sheet etc.

Bill & Payments

  • Enables Society Management to raise bills for maintenance, CAM charges, etc.
  • Also, allows residents to make payments through various online payment methods within the app
  • Admin can generate & publish receipts which the residents can view and download
  • Can also send payment reminders to residents


  • Create excitement within the society residents about various events by showcasing photos & videos
  • These photos & videos can be viewed, downloaded and shared by residents to their phonebook contacts & groups created within the app
  • Helps in building community

Quick Reports

    View & compare graphical reports and download selecting various categories like Tower-wise, Status-wise or for a specific date range
    View & download the payment status reports of invoices

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