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Lockated’s Snagging/De-snagging module is designed for quality control of your project before you deliver it to your customers during the Handover phase. Your team can set-up milestones and checklists that they can adhere to while identifying issues, if any, and escalate it to the respective team so it can get resolved quickly.

Lockated’s Snagging/De-snagging Edge

Provides Digital Check-list

Enables Easy Configuration

Sends Mobile based updates

Allows Multi-level Configuration

Milestone – wise updation

Minimizes the processes

Functionalities of Snagging/De-snagging Module

  • Property Manager configures and create a checklists & milestones
  • This checklist & milestones are then uploaded within the Lockated system
  • During inspection, if any issue is identified with the property, the Project Manager escalates that particular issue to be de-snagged on the mobile app
  • This escalation notification is received by respective teams/groups responsible for resolving the issue
  • While the responsible team is resolving the issue, the team updates the app with the progress, milestones are also updated, which the Project Manager receives
  • Once the issue is de-snagged, the responsible team updates the app as resolved and a notification is sent to the Project Manager

Lockated’s Snagging/De-snagging module minimizes the processes involved and helps in resolving the issues faster due to streamlined connectivity between the sales team, project managers, facility managers, etc.

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